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Right from what business to start and how to start a company, we provide end to end services with the help of best business ideas for any start up business. We provide funding & finance solutions along with best marketing and expansion plans for any business venture.


Aviation Industry

Sales, Purchase and Lease of Aircrafts. Pilot, Airhostess and Ground Staff Training Services. Airport Consstrucitons.


Banking & Finance Industry

Banking Software, IT Solutions and Manpower Management. Training and Bank Knowledge Compliance. Mobile Banking App.


Turn Key Projects

Expert in Iron & Plastic Industry. Machines manufacturing and supply. Technical support and marketing management.


Digital Branding Solutions

Online and offline marketing. SEO, SMO and Traffic generating tools and solutions. Best in class branding solutions.

We are Estd. in 2000

Who We Are

Varahii Group is a team of experienced proffessionals who helps you about how to start a company. We have consultants from various field required for expert advices regarding - How to get funding for startup in india ?

Varahii was started with a vision of providing end to end services on turn key basis for any kind of project consultancy.We also deal with Business Loans and Industrial Loans.






One of the best

Vijay Madhani (CEO,Micro Marketing)

Varahii is one of the best options available in the modern industrial world of India. Varahii not only understands the clients needs to the core, but also they are ready with easy to implement solutions on the go. I reccommend strongly.


Helped me grow exponentially

Mitul Metawala (Founder,Progressive IT)

When it is Digital Marketing, then it is Varahii Infotech. One of the best company dealing into SEO, SMO and other brand building options available on internet. Varahii has fast result and instant solutions for brand establishments.


Great team at Varahii

Yash Dhuru (Director)

Varahii is one of the fastest growing and most trusted brand in the field of Turn Key Basis project consultancy. I strongly reccommend Varahii if you are looking for long term gains in a short span of time. Truly an amazing teamwork at Varahii.


I owe my Success

Shashank Gupta (CEO & Founder)

Varahii is the true player when it comes to the marketing and sales challenges in todays vibrant economy. I had experienced personally while working with Varahii Consultancy & Management services Pvt Ltd about what it really means to be a true marketeer.


Our Company Expertise

We help small businesses grow big !

Starting your own business is not so tough job. We help you about how to start a small business. In the coming years you can reach to a big position in market with the help of our step by step guidance about how to plan your business once it is started.

Meet Our Consultants

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Darshan Prabhu

Liasoning Expert

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Uma Deshpande

Funding Expert

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Sanjeev Anand

Banking Expert

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Jayprakash Gupta

Credit Management

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Our Partners

Varahii coudn't have reached the heights where it stands today without the help of our Partners. Varahii is nothing without the partner network working shoulder to shoulder with us throughout India. Following are the few brands working with us as Partners.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Everyone likes to work with True Experts

Our business plan consultants are the best in the business. We’ve walked in your shoes and we understand what you’re going through. We have deep and broad experience in creating and executing upon business models of all kinds. We have a keen sense of what works in the marketplace and what doesn’t. We also have experts in finance, financial modeling, market research, competitor research, FDA & regulatory issues, and much more. Here are the most frequently asked questions by our clients:

We help establishing businesses

Varahii Consultancy & Management Services Pvt Ltd can handle Business Idea Generation, Project Management, Land Aquisition, Funding and Finance Resourcing, Marketing & Sales, Online Branding and Digital Marketing solutions, IT Training, Aviation Training and Consultancy Services and Manpower Management & Placement Services.

We specialize in multiple industries

We specialize in conceptualizing and building virtually any industry or technology quickly. Some of the markets we expertise include telecommunications, Internet / e-commerce, distance education/e-learning, manufacturing, real estate, financial services, healthcare services, retail, media and entertainment, aerospace, artificial intelligence, enterprise software, food service, consumer products, insurance, energy, and networking.

We are one of the best in industry

You could easily spend weeks or even more preparing a perfect business plan, financial planning,financial forecast, and investor presentation, even if you have an MBA. But this is the time you should probably be spending building your team, product, distribution channels, and customer base. In addition to our expertise in preparing these materials, we offer independent, third-party insights into your business, and may raise questions that you might not have thought to ask.

We think differently and target oriented

Most importantly, our business plan work. We are happy to report that about half of our plans are ready to raise money from the market, and a good portion of the rest resulted in an acquisition or currently have commitments for investment from prior round investors. Each plan is hand crafted to reflect the client's specific circumstances, yet share attributes that investors find appealing.

We are highly skilled and proffesional

Balance sheets that balance. Cash flows, income statements, and balance sheets that tie together (you'd be surprised by how many consultants who don't get the basics right). Fully assumption-driven, so that you can do what-if analyses. Depending on your needs, we can include a lot of very sophisticated features.

Yes ! Offcourse you do ...

If you run a business, then it's probably safe to say yes. In fact, you may require more than one business plan: one for raising capital and one for running your business. The former is a compact, easily digested strategic document that is designed to persuade potential investors to pick up the phone and invite you to their offices for an initial meeting. The latter is a more detailed document serving as a day-to-day roadmap, detailing the tactics supporting your overall strategy. The former needs to be an attractive document that sells; the latter can be a collection of spreadsheets, lists, research summaries, and other documents stuffed in a binder that you refer to and update on a regular basis. We specialize in preparing the capital-raising business plan, but many of the by-products are suitable for use in the operating business plan.

Its a simple process

Every situation is unique. However, some fairly common steps include the following:

Initial discussion to understand your basic needs.

Review your existing materials (draft business plans, financials, market research, competitor research, etc.).

Follow-up discussion to clarify details and agree upon the scope and fees for the project.

Several in-depth discussions to better understand the details, develop strategies, and agree on all major elements of the business plan and financial model.

Conduct additional research, as needed.

Draft an Investor Presentation and review it with you to ensure that all parties agree on the high-level vision.

Draft the Executive Summary and review it with you to ensure that we all agree on the next level of detail.

Prepare a draft outline of the business plan for your review.

Begin filling in the details on the draft. Obtain and incorporate your feedback.

Incorporate your revenue and expense models into the financial model, and explain how it works so that you can take "ownership" of the financials.

Finalize all deliverables.

Coach you on the best way to deliver the investor presentation and on how to address questions.

Provide ongoing support, including making minor updates to the deliverables at no additional charge.

Depending on how we structure the project, you should expect to spend anywhere from 10-30 hours on the process over the course of a typical engagement.

Minimum 4 to 6 weeks

For a typical engagement, consisting of a business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation, the typical time to completion is 6-8 weeks, as illustrated below. The actual time can be influenced by the quality of your existing materials, the level of your participation, the complexity of your market and business model, and our current workload.

imagesSome very simple projects can be completed in just a few days, and we have had other projects extend well over a year (of course these engagements involved much more than just business planning).

Yes, We Can

Yes, but we may need to charge a "rush" fee. We typically work on multiple projects at any point in time, and rush projects can strain our schedules or inconvenience other clients.

Depends upon what do you say

Only if you're always right. One of our jobs is to help you avoid mistakes. We'll challenge your ideas and assumptions so that you'll be ready for the tough questions when you meet with investors.

We are still available in your support

We remain available, at no extra charge, to answer follow-up questions, provide advice, and to make minor changes to the documents we produced for you.

Price depends upon the type of services

In general, we charge a pre-determined fixed fee. The fee is determined by:

The scope of the project, in terms of the tasks and documents you require help with.

The sophistication and specific needs of your target audience.

The quality of your existing materials, including early drafts of business plans, financial forecasts, market research, competitive research, etc. For instance, if you have a recent, comprehensive research report from a major market research firm, then our effort can be significantly reduced.

The clarity of your vision for your business model, marketing and distribution strategy, financial plans, etc.

Your availability and willingness to participate in the preparation of the business plan, financial model, and investor presentation.

The complexity of your industry and business model.

The availability of industry information.

The desired timing relative to our workload. In general, "rush" jobs will carry a substantial premium over projects that can be completed as our schedule permits.

Because of these factors, the fees for a typical project, consisting of the preparation of an investor-grade business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation, can range from a few thousand rupees to several tens of thousands of rupees. By the way, if you are "price shopping," you should know that price doesn't tell the whole story.

We believe we are, because:

We are well aware that there are many low-end business plan consultants offering their services for under Rs.10,000/-. Some of these consultants do fine work, but their typical client is the small business seeking SBA and bank loans, not venture capital. Consider that, even during the height of the market, fewer than 1 in 100 business plans that made it into the hands of a VC ever raised capital (and the number is probably worse than 1 in 250 today). Who do you think prepared many of those unsuccessful plans?

Depends and varies case to case

Only under extraordinary circumstances, and only if you are already generating revenues.

Refund policy mostly depends upon the time invested

Your initial payment is non-refundable. This is because by the time you have decided to hire us, we have already set aside time to work with you, and we may even have turned away other opportunities in order to provide you with the best possible experience. Subsequent payments are subject to a pro-rated refund if you choose to terminate the project before we have fully earned the subsequent payment.

For example, suppose fees for your project are broken into three payments, each covering 20 hours of services. The initial payment covers the first 20 hours, and the second payment covers the next 20 hours. If you change your mind about the project after we have put a total of 30 hours into the project, you would be entitled to a refund for half of the second payment because we will only have earned 10 hours of it.

Yes. Why not ?

Gladly. We prefer to use a Mutual NDA so that our own trade secrets can be protected as well.

We will be glad to show you our sample projects

We are unable to email you a sample, but you can view several of our plans on our website

We are result oriented !

We actively challenge business clients to look beyond own perceived limitations and identifying targets they never previously dared dream of. Then we help them succeed.

A cooperation with Varahii is not any paper exercise - we deal with actual results. A cooperation with Varahii is not a deskstudy – together we specifically go over your expectations and where your organisation can go.

Thereafter we will identify the necessary actions and implementations needed for your project; leading to the desired results and then design the solutions to carry your business through to the goal.

Varahii is more than just planning. Seeing through a strategy is not only about implementation and seeing a result but something that must be taught and absorbed in order to be sustainable.

This is where Varahii’s strength come in picture – we excel in challenging and encouraging you to dare establishing impressive goals and achieving them as well. We work actively on implementing a results oriented work approach in the organisation within management as well as on-site throughout the organisation.

The most important is not whom you choose to work with but with whom you will achieve lasting results for your work processes.

Diversified background of our consultants.

Our consultants come from many varied professional backgrounds, with solid leadership experience from within sales, management, HR, technical areas, communications, and business development.

Our consultants can be found within several different industries and in a variety of sales and size segments. Our focus is on results, not prestige – however, we often receive questions about our diverse industry experience and therefore have compiled the list below of the areas in which our consultants have been involved:

Finance and Banking

Vehicles and Automotive




Hospitality (Hotels)






Component Manufacturing

Grocery Production







Medical Technology

Mining and construction equipment



Travel and Tourism





Step by step project consultancy

The process starts by contacting us so that you can discuss your needs with a project coordinator. After this initial discussion, the coordinator will then assign a consultant (or team of consultants) to further define the scope. The assigned consultant will then follow up with you to get any additional technical details he/she may need in order to understand the project and estimate the effort required. Once we have a good understanding of the project and your needs, we will provide you with a formal proposal detailing estimated time and costs, project scope and a preliminary schedule. Once you have reviewed and accepted our proposal, we can begin work on your project.

Yes. We do.

We are happy to provide client references to serious prospects once we have held initial discussions and have tentatively agreed on the scope and structure of an engagement.

Confidentiality issues.

Most of our clients insist on strict confidentiality, so we cannot divulge any information about them beyond their industry and a general description of the type of services we provided them.

Yes. We frequently help entrepreneurs develop and practice concise and compelling presentations. However, we do not simply "slap together a few slides". Very few entrepreneurs ever succeed at raising capital. Poorly designed and executed presentations are a major reason why.

Popular Questions

We need to analyze first

Before answering this question, we would like to understand your business plan and current business developments.Kindly contact to vivek@varahii.com for more details.

We need to analyze first

Before answering this question, we would like to understand your business plan and current business developments.Kindly contact to vivek@varahii.com for more details.

We need to analyze first

Before answering this question, we would like to understand your business plan and current business developments.Kindly contact to vivek@varahii.com for more details.

Yes. We do.

With the help of our international network of consultants, we also provide project consultancy and other services to foreign country clients.We cover United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Arica, United States of America, Kenya, Nigeria, Malaysia, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.


Best Business Consultants

This section deals with all your doubts and querries regarding new business startups and fundraising issues. The adivces presented here comes directly from our expert panel of consultants. We help your business grow in multiple folds.

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